Just slice the focaccia lengthwise to fill.

Just slice the focaccia lengthwise to fill.

Wanted a no fuss dinner tonight

I usually make my own focaccia, but Panera bread was selling focaccia and it looked good.

1 Focaccia bread sliced lengthwise

5 slices provolone

5 slices ham

5 slices pepperoni

5 slices prosciutto

5 slices tomato

1/4 cup ready made pesto

1/4 cup olive tappenad

3 TBS mayonnaise


On one side of focaccia, spread pesto, smooth and cover from end to end.

Layer meats and cheese, top with slices of tomato.

Top tomato with the mayonnaise.

On bottom side of focaccia, spread the olive tappenad, covering one end to the other.

Combine to make sandwich. Place in refrigerator with covered plate. Put weight on plate to press the focaccia sandwich till serving.

If you're making the day before, wrap in plastic wrap and follow above directions.

With sharp knife, cut like cake pieces.

Serve with cold salads, or just a green salad.

Have the wine ready.

Buon Apettito!

*Note: if using a very large focaccia, make sure you cover the whole surface with filling.....OK, just a reminder!

Ready for the refrigerator.....

Ready for the refrigerator.....