Icebox cake

Icebox cake

Icebox Cake

I made this cake for my sewing group for a birthday girl. They loved it so much I had to put it on my blog.

I am sure many of you have made them. There are so many different ingredients, but this is the one I made.


Graham crackers or any plain cookies.

1 vanilla pudding, prepared*

1 chocolate pudding, prepared*

1 tsp real vanilla

1 TBS chocolate cocoa

Whole milk

Whipped cream 

More cocoa for topping on whipped cream


In a 9 x 11 serving pan, smudge a thin layer of prepared pudding.

Arrange the cookies in one layer. Top with one of the puddings. Make sure it is leveled evenly.

Top with layer of cookies. Try to fill in with halves of cookies.

Top with other prepared pudding. Top  that layer with layer of cookies. 

Top cookies with whipped cream. Sprinkle with sifted cocoa powder.

*After preparing vanilla pudding, add vanilla.

*After preparing chocolate pudding, add cocoa powder

These are the cookies I used

These are the cookies I used