This nicoise salad is before adding the vinaigrette dressing

This nicoise salad is before adding the vinaigrette dressing

Nicoise Salade

The first time I had this salad was in Nice, France. We wanted a little something to eat near our hotel. It was a lovely outdoor Cafe. It was such a simple salad. I've been making it for years. It's an elegant light lunch and saves very well for leftovers. Here's what you'll need:

1 lb frozen or fresh green beans (cooked to tender stage) in salted water, drained

4 hard-boiled eggs, shelled and cut into quarters

2 cans of Italian tuna packed in olive oil, drained

1/2 cup calamata olives or your favorite type

Boiled potato, chopped into cubes

2 cubed tomatoes size of the potatoes

1 can of drained canellini or chick peas (optional)

Arrange on a large flat platter by placing bunches of cold stringbeans in each corner. Do the same with the beans. Arrange the hard-boiled egg quarters around the perimeter of the dish. Place tuna in the center of the platter piled up. Scatter the tomatoes and potatoes encircling the tuna. Scatter the olives around the plate, making sure there is a variety of salad for every serving.

Vinaigrette Dressings

2/3 cup olive oil

1/3 cup wine vinegar

Salt and pepper to taste

1 Tbsp Dijon mustard

1 tsp anchovy paste (optional)

1 Tbsp chopped shallots or onion

Put in covered bottle and shake very well. Make ahead of time to keep in the fridge before use.

You can prepare this salad before your guests arrive and drizzle the vinaigrette all over the prepared salad just before serving. This salad should be served at room temperature or cold.

Bon Appetit!

Serve with sliced baguette..