06.01.2021 17:34

Susan Demchak

I'm looking forward to following your blog!

24.07.2020 00:08


Love your pictures. Miss you

24.07.2020 15:08

Jan Conte

Miss you too. Thanks for reading my blog ❤️

26.03.2020 18:22


I would love to know how you make your spiced nut mixture. Hope you and yours are well.

26.03.2020 23:05

Jan Conte

Hi Donna,
Definitely, I am putting the nut recipe on my blog, momentarily. We're doing well. Hope that your family is doing well 🙏

23.12.2019 15:00

Ariel Jenkins


01.12.2019 17:55

Anne Ammenti

I would like to join your blog.

24.11.2019 00:40

judy knight

I lost my recipe for stuffing. Maybe you can help? It had ground up sausage in it and rice and etc?? I would really appreciate it. No chestnut stuffing, ok.

24.11.2019 04:30

Jan Conte

Thanks Judy, I used to make a sausage stuffing. Tomorrow, I'll post it for Thanksgiving. You can add rice to make it similar to what you're looking for. Happy Cooking.

24.11.2019 00:36

judy knight

Jan, I loved reading through your blog. I plan on making some of your delicious recipes. After talking to you today I now know where to get Locatelli cheese at a reasonable price. Thanks

09.11.2019 10:46

Mary Enterkin

This is exciting!

09.11.2019 15:37

Jan Conte

Oh, thank you. Please peruse my blog and try one of my recipes....I'll be putting more recipes, so tune in...

26.10.2019 14:04

Donna W

Hi Jan
It's Donna from the Fiber friends group. I'd live to try some of your recipes, I am in a food rut and need some new ideas.

26.10.2019 14:23

Jan Conte

Hi Donna, so glad you have peeked at my blog. If there is a recipe you're having problems with, please let me know. Thank you for checking me "out".

13.10.2019 14:58


Recepie for angioletti cookies

26.10.2019 14:25

Jan Conte

Do you mean Jeanettes? If so, it is on my food blog. Let me know.

13.10.2019 14:07


How do I join the blog

13.10.2019 15:59

Jan Conte

Send me a friend request on Facebook. It's the only venue I am using right now. Thanks for looking at my blog...

22.09.2019 12:45

Kathi Knitter

22.09.2019 14:39

Jan Conte

Thank you Kathi. Hope you check out my recipes from time to time. See you at Euchre.

09.09.2019 16:05

Cindy Armstrong

Love your blog. Thank you for creating it! I look forward to trying your wonderful recipes.
Do you have a favorite cookware?

09.09.2019 17:01

Jan Conte

Le Creuset. Thank you for checking out my food blog. I'll be putting more recipes on every week. Happy Cooking!

28.08.2019 01:21

Linda Silimperi

Would love to see your recipes !

28.08.2019 01:32

Jan Conte

You can go on my website and go on the menu bar to see all my recipes. Thank you for your interest. Happy Cooking

28.07.2019 13:27

Cathy Tari

This is awesome. Love new ideas and trying new recipes. In our house we love to cook using fresh ingredients. Thank you for creating this ❤️

28.07.2019 14:19

Jan Conte

Thank you so much for your response. Keep clicking Like..... great to hear from you.

28.07.2019 13:13

Gail LaForce

Jan, I love that you are doing a food blog! I am the lucky recipient of your amazing cooking, and my daughter Maureen took your cooking class. Look forward to trying your recipes.

28.07.2019 14:16

Jan Conte

Thank you, Gail. I have fond memories of our many lunches together.

27.07.2019 01:13

Eleanore OSullivan

Love the blog!

24.07.2019 00:51

Jill Clark Gardner

Hi, Jan. I loved reading your recipes. I have been looking forward to your blog.

18.07.2019 02:15


Hi Gianna! I bake mine too. I’ll try your recipe!